Google Discover Enhances E-Commerce: Introducing Pricing and Discounts in Product Sections

In a significant move to enrich the e-commerce experience within its ecosystem, Google Discover has recently updated its products section by incorporating pricing details and discounts. This development, spotted by digital marketing expert Glenn Gabe, marks a new phase in how consumers interact with product-related content on Google. At Page Authority, we're excited to delve into what this means for businesses and marketers.

Google Discover’s E-Commerce Evolution:

The products or e-commerce section in Google Discover, introduced about a month ago, has now been enhanced to display pricing and discount information. This feature aims to provide users with a more comprehensive shopping experience directly within the Google Discover feed.

Key Features of the Update:

  1. Pricing Details: Product cards in Google Discover now include pricing information, offering immediate value assessment for users.
  2. Latest Deals and Discounts: Alongside pricing, these cards also highlight current deals and discounts, making them more attractive to potential buyers.
  3. Link to Google Search Deals Interface: This update appears to be connected to the new deals functionality in Google Search, indicating a broader strategy to integrate e-commerce features across Google platforms.

Implications for Businesses and Marketers:

  1. Enhanced Visibility for Products: With pricing and discounts now visible, products featured in Google Discover can attract more attention and engagement.
  2. Opportunity for Promotion: Businesses can leverage this feature to promote special offers and discounts more effectively.
  3. Increased Traffic and Sales Potential: The integration of pricing and deals is likely to drive higher traffic and sales through Google Discover.

Page Authority’s Strategy for Clients:

  • Optimizing Product Listings: We will ensure your products are accurately represented with up-to-date pricing and special offers.
  • Leveraging Google’s E-Commerce Features: Our team will utilize the full range of Google’s e-commerce capabilities to maximize your product visibility.
  • Data-Driven Insights: We’ll provide insights and analytics on how your products perform within Google Discover and adjust strategies accordingly.


Google Discover’s latest update is a game-changer for e-commerce businesses and digital marketers. By providing pricing and discount information directly in the Discover feed, Google is streamlining the shopping experience and offering new avenues for businesses to reach potential customers. At Page Authority, we are committed to helping our clients capitalize on these new opportunities and drive success in their digital marketing endeavors.


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