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Wanting to maximize Marketing results and expand its online infrastructure, Hardwood Brothers turned to Prome Media. Learn how we helped this industry-leading brand increase revenue with Ecommerce SEO, Pay Per Click strategies, and Web Development!


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Here is a step-by-step process on how Prome Media made a 174% increase in e-commerce sales:

Page Authority helped increase e-commerce sales for Hardwood Bros by 174% through targeted SEO and PPC campaigns. The process began with a deep dive audit of the Hardwood Bros website, which provided a baseline of the site’s current stats and visibility.

After the audit, Page Authority designed a targeted SEO campaign that improved Hardwood Bros’ website ranking on search engine results pages (SERPs) for culinary-related keywords. Page Authority also built a targeted PPC ad campaign that boosted web traffic, conversions, and new customers for e-commerce sales. Through these efforts, Page Authority was able to increase Hardwood Bros’ B2B culinary partnerships to over 50 dedicated partners.

In addition to the SEO and PPC campaigns, Page Authority also conducted competitor discovery and keyword research to identify the best keywords for Hardwood Bros’ website. These keywords were then organized into silos and used to optimize the site’s content and improve its ranking on SERPs.

Page Authority also created wireframes for the Hardwood Bros website, taking into account the user experience (UX) and human-computer interaction (HCI) to create a user-friendly design. Once the wireframes were approved, Page Authority helped Hardwood Bros go live with their optimized website.

Building A Targeted PPC Ad Campaign:

Building a targeted PPC ad campaign to boost web traffic, conversions, and new customers for e-commerce sales involves creating paid advertisements that will appear on search engine results pages or other websites. These ads can be targeted to specific keywords or demographics to ensure they reach the right audience. The goal of a PPC campaign is to drive traffic to the website and increase conversions, such as sales or sign-ups, by encouraging people to take a specific action.

Competitor Research:

Conducting competitor research involves analyzing the client’s competitors to understand their strengths and weaknesses, as well as the industry and market as a whole. This might include looking at factors such as their products and services, pricing, website design and content, marketing and advertising efforts, and more. By understanding the competition, it becomes easier to identify opportunities and develop a plan to differentiate the client’s business and position it for success.

Keyword Research:

Conducting keyword research involves using tools and techniques to identify the most relevant and popular keywords and phrases people use when searching for products or services related to your business. This information can then be used to create a comprehensive optimization plan.

Topical Maps:

Topical Maps or Silo mapping: This is a way of organizing your website’s content and structure in a logical and hierarchical manner. It involves creating a visual representation of your website’s content and linking structure, with the goal of making it easy for search engines to understand and index your content.

Optimization Plan:

Implementing the optimization plan: Once you have conducted keyword research and created a silo map or also called a topical map, for your website, the next step is to implement the optimization plan. This may involve assigning key phrases to relevant pages on your website and optimizing the content to ensure that they rank well in search engine results.

Designing Wireframes:

A wireframe is a low-fidelity visual representation of a website’s layout and structure. It is typically used to create a user-friendly design that is easy to navigate and provides a good user experience (UX).

UAT Review:

Conducting a UAT review: UAT, or user acceptance testing, is a process in which real users test a website or application to ensure that it is functional and meets their needs. Before launching a website, it is important to conduct a thorough UAT review to identify any issues or bugs that need to be addressed.


Monitoring traffic and rankings: Once a website is live, it is important to continually monitor its traffic and rankings to ensure that it is performing well and reaching its target audience. This can involve using tools and techniques to track traffic levels and changes in search engine rankings, and making adjustments to the website to improve its performance.

Identifying a New Target Audience:

This involves researching and understanding the demographics, interests, and behaviors of the people who are most likely to use your website and be interested in your products or services. This information can then be used to tailor the content and design of the website to better meet their needs and preferences.

Creating High-Quality Content:

This involves creating written, visual, and multimedia content that is relevant, useful, and engaging to both users and search engines. This can include blog posts, articles, videos, infographics, and other types of content that provide value to users and help to improve the website’s search engine rankings.

Data-Driven Continuous Improvement:

At Page Authority, our commitment to excellence goes beyond initial strategies and optimizations. We believe in continuously enhancing our clients’ online experiences based on real user data. To achieve this, we leveraged Hotjar, a powerful user analytics and feedback tool.

What is Hotjar?

Hotjar is a comprehensive user behavior and feedback analysis tool that allows us to gain deep insights into how visitors interact with the Hardwood Brother’s website. It provides valuable data through features such as heatmaps, session recordings, surveys, and user feedback.

Utilizing Hotjar Data

With Hotjar, we meticulously examined user behavior on the website. Heatmaps provided us with visual representations of where users clicked, moved their cursors, or spent the most time. Session recordings allowed us to watch real users navigate the site, identifying pain points and areas of improvement.

Through on-site surveys, we directly collected feedback from visitors, helping us understand their needs and preferences. This valuable information was crucial in shaping our ongoing optimization strategies.

The Results

The collaboration between Page Authority and Grand Image delivered extraordinary results:

Impressive Traffic Growth:

Increased Click Through Rate:

Increase in e-commerce sales:

Setting New Goals

After the website was live, Page Authority monitored traffic and rankings changes to ensure the SEO and PPC campaigns were effective. These efforts led to a significant increase in e-commerce sales for Hardwood Bros, resulting in a 174% increase in revenue.

Overall, Page Authority expertise in on-site SEO and PPC helped drive more organic traffic to the Hardwood Bros website and improve its visibility on SERPs. This led to more leads and sales for the company, ultimately helping them achieve their business goals.

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